Cultural Tours

Bhutan’s tradition and culture are very much alive in its language & literature, arts & crafts, drama, music, architecture, and basic social interactions. Traditional age-old ceremonies, religious festivals, and belief systems continue to have a special significance in the daily lives of the people.



Brokpas – from Eastern Part

The best way to relish the rich flora and fauna, culture and etiquette, people and lifestyle and to get a taste of the real Bhutan is through a cultural tour. In the comfort of your personal car or coach you drive scenic towns, villages and forests with comfortable nights in clean quality hotels approved by the Tourism Department for their standards. We will give you the best of Bhutan in comfort. Wherever possible we can organize cultural shows for you to heighten your experience and letting you get a feel of the Bhutanese hospitality. Better still, we can arrange for you to attend real festivals which are witnessed by many Bhutanese.

Bhutanese Traditional Dance

The best way to do a cultural tour is to time your trip with the many festivals that take place all over Bhutan, all year round. Bhutanese festivals are truly unique. The religious dances at these festivals are attended by hundreds of devoted Bhutanese dressed in their beautiful multi-colored dresses. The Tshechus in Paro, Thimphu and Bumthang (including the Jambay Lhakhang Drub) are the some of the most popular ones.

Cultural Tour Itineraries

Trip Name Regions Duration
Red Rice Package Western 6
Bumthang Cultural Tour With 3 Days Trek Central,Western 14
Bhutan in Brief Tour Western 3
Magical Central Bhutan Central 9