About Bhutan Lakhor Tours & Treks

 Bhutan ranks as one of the top most tourist destination in the world as a unique country with a very rich cultural heritage, 72% of its area as forest cover and the development philosophy of Gross National Happiness. The country first opened for Tourism in 1974, coinciding with the coronation of the present king, since then it has taken very cautious approach regarding its tourism development. It strives to promote tourism in a way that is economically viable by generating substantial employment and income, socially and culturally acceptable, and environmentally sustainable with its concept of “High Value Low Volume” tourism keeping the visitors within manageable scale without compromising on the value.

The colours of the mountains and forest, the ascetic life in the rural villages, bright and attractive national dress at the festivals are some of the catching features as one journey in this landlocked country. Lakhor is a Bhutanese travel agent who knows how to deliver personalized services to the utmost satisfaction of the clients. We have a team of young Bhutanese professionals who are specialized in Cultural, Trekking, and mountain biking.

The company offers services like Tailor made Family Holiday, cultural tours, festival tours, trekking, biking. and many more..

Visit Bhutan with Lakhor. We are your friends that will serve you with an enchanting Bhutan.

Our Team:


Wangda Tobgyal

Wangda Tobgyal Email: Ever an avid adventurer, Wangda is the first Bhutanese to bike across Bhutan covering 2000 km and spreading a message for Bhutan’s youth. With two like-minded friends. The team visited several schools to talk about HIV/AIDS, drug abuse and youth problems. And of course, soaking in the idyllic and majestic Bhutanese landscapes. Wangda has also hiked most of the trails outside Thimphu, Paro and nearby areas and knows all the scenic trails. He is a passionate and responsible fly-fisher as well. He loves photography and making friends all over the world. Its his love for his country and meeting new friends that has inspired him to start Lakhor. He lives in the beautiful Paro valley and is the Managing Director for Lakhor.

Pem Choki

Pem Choki Tobgyal

Pema Choki Tobgyal Email: With a degree in English Literature and having taught in High schools for 13 years, Pema Choki Tobgyal is fluent both in spoken and written language. She is dedicated to ensuring a high level of customer service at all times, exceptional interpersonal skills with an aptitude for building rapport with a diverse range of people. So as the Managing Partner, she takes care of the logistical details like processing visas, booking Flight tickets, reservations and also looks after the correspondence with the clients overseas.

Why Lakhor?

The first wheel used by humans was probably the potter’s wheel in Mesopotamia around 3500 BC. Ever since, many earlier civilizations used the wheel to transport weapons such as catapults and in transporting armies on chariots and other carriages, mostly for destruction. On the contrary, the first wheels in the Himalayan Buddhist world were used to turn prayers for peace and harmony among all sentient beings. Prayer Wheels are common religious objects for Buddhists worldwide. They are often referred to as Prayer Wheels, Dharma Wheels, or mani chho-khor. “Lakhor” is the prayer wheel turned by the help of the hand. It is believed that using a prayer wheel brings great blessings, and creates enormous and powerful karma. Many lamas, monks and lay practitioners use the prayer wheel daily as an adjunct to using a rosary beads. The reason is simply that all of the thousands of prayers written inside the prayer wheel exponentially increase the blessings. Prayer wheels or Lakhor are synonymous with the Himalayan landscape and culture. Turning a prayer wheel clockwise is believed to send thousands of prayers in the spiritual atmosphere to cleanse negative karma for all sentient beings. We adopted the name Lakhor because it was inspirational, representing a selfless ideal and a wheel that signifies travel by bringing peace as it rotates in clockwise direction. The sight of prayer wheels and the occasional ringing of the bell as it finishes a rotation fill the air with sense of peace and serenity, giving your mind a total rest. It is our belief that in all our efforts to share Bhutan with you, be it for culture, adventure or nature, we will collectively add to the positive energy just as we are turning a giant prayer wheel for all sentient beings.